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Breathe - Tune In - Arrive

Bringing mindfulness and yoga into your life can cultivate a stronger, more secure sense of presence, a comfortable relationship with your body, and integration of emotional and physical experience. 


I offer group and private classes in a wide variety of settings. While home spaces are standard for private lessons, office spaces over lunch hours, and workplace courtyards have been popular choices among clients with busy schedules. Learn to manage the stresses of everyday life with ease and stength, and build a physical practice to strengthen and stretch the body effectively. Classes are offered at all points on the exercise-spirituality spectrum, and together we can craft your goals and intentions into a regular practice that is simultaneously impactful, energizing, and soothing.


Services I offer:


  • Private yoga lessons at home, work, or in a
    conveniently located studio space

  • Small-to-large group classes for coworkers,
    friends, family, couples or communities

  • Mindfulness meditation groups

  • Private mindfulness meditation sessions

  • Personalized guided meditation mp3 files

  • Presentations on mindfulness, yoga, and the
    brain, tailored to the specific needs of your

  • On-going yoga therapy, blending yoga,
    mindfulness, and traditional talk-therapy


My training consists of:


  • Over 500 hours of certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses

  • Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Flow Yoga, and Mindfulness Training Courses

  • The Neurobiology of Yoga and Mindfulness

  • Trauma-informed Yoga

  • Mindfulness and Addictions

  • Yoga and Mindfulness with Prison Populations

  • Yoga for Kids

  • Yoga for Trauma and PTSD


Click here for a guided meditation I recorded in 2012 for McGill University's Counselling Services.



Due to the varying nature of the yoga and mindfulness services I offer, please be in touch for fees.


I can be contacted at in order to discuss your needs, and determine a contract or session that works for you and the specifics of your goals, event, or practice. 





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