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Supervision and Consulting

 As therapists, frontline workers, and mental health advocates, our greatest assets are our humanity, our clinical skills, and the ongoing support we receive. I believe that the best way we can grow and sustain ourselves as clinicians is to remain in continual and meaningful clinical curiosity, and to understand how to best strengthen our own capacity to care for ourselves and others amidst the unique, challenging, and rewarding work we do.


I offer clinical consultation and supervision for organizations and individual clinicians looking to decrease burnout, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue while also building authentic and flexible confidence in their clinical skills. I also support those looking to build or expand their private practices within and outside of the city of Toronto. Clinically, I specialize in complex trauma, mindfulness, couples’ therapy, and queer experience. I can work with you on an individual or institutional level to create an increasingly sustainable, rewarding, and successful experience of working within the mental health field.


I am a qualified supervisor with the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), and provide supervisory and consulting support on an individual, dyadic, or large-group level. My support can take the form of clinical consultation, supervision, workshops, trainings, program development and business development. I have had the privilege of working in this capacity with the following organizations, hospitals, agencies, and institutions:


The 519, The Jean Tweed Centre, Women’s College Hospital, The Guelph Sexuality Conference, The University of Toronto, McGill University, WrapAround Association of Ontario, Black Creek Community Health Centre, and Toronto South Detention Centre.

I operate from a social justice oriented and trauma-informed lens when working with both clients and clinicians. I approach my work with warmth, humour, curiosity, depth and an ongoing commitment to skilfulness and ease.


Please be in touch via email to inquire as to whether my services may be an appropriate fit for the support you are looking for.

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